# Get the most from your spatial data

Using spatial data is hard. Even with expertise in spatial data analysis and machine learning, valuable time is often spent gathering data, writing code and running analyses manually. These blockers lead to missed opportunities to use your own, or publically accessible, spatial data to improve the impact of your operations. Through a combination of custom analyses and web tool development, through to use of our existing algorithms and interfaces, Locational is focused on simplifying access to spatial analyses.

# Where did this start?

We've been developing and improving these approaches over the past 6 years. This started with work on the DiSARM project (opens new window), where we developed automated approaches to identify high risk areas for malaria.

# Who are we?

  • Hugh Sturrock spatial epidemiology and modeling
  • Jonathan Smith software development and infrastructure

# Contact

Drop us a line about anything - hello@locational.io