Spatial intelligence on-demand

We combine human expertise with machine learning to simplify spatial analysis and make maps smarter

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Simplify complex analysis

Our machine-learning algorithms can unlock the immense value hidden in spatial data. We take your data, process it and give you back something you can use to make decisions.

We work with you

We've solved many of the fundamental problems involving spatial data, but the most valuable solutions lie in understanding and adapting to the detail of each problem.

As simple as we can make it

We can provide bespoke outputs (maps, data layers, reports), including interactive web-tools. We also make our algorithms available as HTTP endpoints, that can be queried using any programming language for automated, repeat analysis.

Think this sounds useful?

You can reach us at hello@locational.io to ask any questions, request additions or changes, or arrange a demo. We are actively developing these algorithms and would like to hear from you.